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HD 720p The Trust (2016)
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The Trust (2016)

The Trust    

R 93 min CrimeThriller

IMDB: 7.3/10 188 votes


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Both Jim and David are part of forensic unit of LVPD. They both find things hard to make ends meet. While going through case files he comes to know about a heavily cashed gangster and his operations. Jim investigates and finds out it’s a easy hit. Jim and David scour items required for the Heist. They successfully break in the place and muffle two occupants who live in the sketched place. They unlock the vault and find diamonds. David has a change of heart after Jim has executed an hostage. David becomes attached to the other female hostage and allows her to call-in absent for work. David asks Jim to leave everything as it is, because he feels different. Jim threatens him. He at first goes along but he is disturbed. Later he kills Jim in a shootout and puts all the diamonds back. David drives off with the hostage by assuring her freedom. Later David sees two vans following him and he notices the phone number advertised as the same one the hostage called in to report her absence. Thugs from the van kill him and free their gang member.

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The Trust (2016)

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